The Moments

Costume fittings are always a highlight of a contract. Getting to try on designs and outfits that have been pulled and styled for the character you are bringing to life is truly thrilling. I’m currently In rehearsals myself, and have already had a preview of some of the looks! Cut back to June 8th 1953 […]

May 25th, 1953 and Marilyn was once again the cover girl for Life. But this time, she was joined by fellow Hollywood star Jane Russell. With little over a month til the release of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, promotion was in full swing. And what a way to grab attention and get people excited for this […]

Today’s post is dedicated to the magic that is Red Lipstick! It may have been a trademark for Marilyn, but rouge had been worn on lips for centuries. Although until the early 20th century it was usually associated with the devil, or unrefined, suspect women. (Of course?!) Opinions began to change in 1912 with the […]

I confess, I have really struggled with this weeks post. My research didn’t leave me with much for today’s date, except a Hedda Hopper article naming Marilyn “The Blow Torch Blonde” in the Chicago Tribune. But after hours of searching I couldn’t find the article to draw inspiration. Six or seven Ideas later; The right […]

Had she still been alive, Marilyn would have celebrated her 95th birthday today. It’s mind blowing to think she is the same age as the Queen! I can only imagine just how beautifully she would have aged.  Birthday’s are funny. A celebration which is looked upon with so much youthful excitement, yet we dread the […]

A time to practice, but also to experiment, fail, play and learn. And I’m sure if you work within the arts; you are beyond excited to return to work. It’s been a long Intermission, but I’m grateful to be working again from June. Telling stories … for an live audience!? No Zoom of Wifi needed!? […]

Can you believe we are already a month into spring? The temperature’s rising and I have been able to leave my apartment without a coat. Which can only mean one thing… dress season is almost here! I have been waiting since February to show off this weeks moment. I confess, I have too many ‘favorite’ […]

This article is taken from Life Magazine April 20th, 1959. Just a few weeks after the release of Some Like It Hot, regardless of the troubles it took to film, Marilyn had once again, made a hit! The image on the left is, Billy Wilder directing Marilyn in her opening moment. Not that Monroe really […]

”You know it’s interesting, that people associate, if you happen to have blonde hair, naturally or not naturally, or if you’re out of shape some way, then you’re absolutely dumb, you’re considered dumb. And I don’t know why that is. It’s a very limited view.” Marilyn Monroe, 1955 Radio Interview with Dave Garroway I’ve thought […]

Hold The Benches It’s Marilyn! April is here and it’s time to play ball… In the UK we don’t really play baseball, we have our own version… Rounders. A game very similar, that has been played since the Tudor times, and according to the BBC, is “undoubtedly the inspiration behind baseball.” (Don’t shoot the messenger!) […]

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